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LAP-BAND® Surgery Outcomes

LAP-BAND® Weight Loss Results

Our LAP-BAND® patients average 46-49% excess weight loss (EWL) 1-5 years after surgery (see table below). Our weight loss results compare favorably to the results reported by the better published Gastric Banding studies worldwide, which generally show 40-50% EWL after 1-5 years.

It is important to stress that outcomes after LAP-BAND® surgery are highly variable between different surgeons and patients. Many studies report much worse outcomes than those reported above. This is because weight loss is strongly affected by numerous surgeon factors (operative technique, follow-up, support, band adjustment strategy) and patient factors (eating/exercise habits).

Weight Loss after SurgeryOur Results
(1000+ patients)
Excess Weight Loss - 6 months36%
Excess Weight Loss - 12 months48%
Excess Weight Loss - 18 months48%
Excess Weight Loss - 2 years49%
Excess Weight Loss - 3 years49%
Excess Weight Loss - 4 years49%
Excess Weight Loss - 5 years46%

Lower BMI patients (BMI 30-40) have been reported to achieve better percent excess weight loss results than heavier patients after LAP-BAND® surgery. We have also found this to be true. Our low BMI patients (starting BMI 30-40) average 51-54% excess weight loss 1-5 years after surgery.

Important - the weight loss results discussed on this page are averages. Individual patients can lose more or less weight than the average.

What is Ideal Weight?

Ideal weights are published in the Metropolitan Life Insurance height-weight tables. Ideal weight is considered to be the middle weight in the medium frame size range. For example, ideal weight (not goal weight) for a 5'4" woman is considered to be 134 pounds, and ideal weight (not goal weight) for a 5'11" man is considered to be 164 pounds. Excess weight is the amount of weight over ideal weight.

LAP-BAND® Complication Rates

Gastric Banding is considered to be a safe and low risk operation when performed by a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon. However, as with all surgery, there is the potential for complications to occur (see table below).

Our complication rates (see table below) after LAP-BAND® surgery compare favorably to the complication rates reported by the better published Gastric Banding studies worldwide.

ComplicationsOur Results (1000+ patients)
Pulmonary Embolism0.1%
Band Erosion0
Band Slippage2%
Port Complication1.3%
Band Removal4%

It is important to stress that the complication rates reported above are low and not representative of what is reported in all LAP-BAND® studies. Although there are many good studies that report outcomes similar to those above, there are also many studies that report much higher complication rates.

Reported complication rates after LAP-BAND® surgery are highly variable because complication rates are heavily influenced by a variety of surgeon factors which vary, such as operative technique, band adjustment strategy, follow-up, and support.

Impact of LAP-BAND® on Medical Conditions

Medical problems associated with weight, including diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, heartburn, asthma, depression, infertility, urinary stress incontinence, lower extremity swelling, and headaches all tend to resolve or improve after LAP-BAND® surgery.

Impact of Weight Loss Surgery on Long-Term Mortality

There have been multiple published studies (including the highly regarded Swedish Obesity Study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in August 2007) showing decreased long-term mortality in patients who have undergone weight loss surgery. This is because dangerous medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and high blood pressure tend to resolve, improve, or not develop in patients after weight loss surgery.

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Arlene's story...

Prior to surgery I appeared happy on the outside, but was unhappy on the inside because of how I looked and felt. I used food to feed that unhappiness. At size 28 it was easy to look harshly at myself and not like what I saw.

But Dr. Oliak and the LAP-BAND® surgery changed my life forever. After losing over 140 pounds, I not only look and feel better; my attitude towards food has completely changed. Today food is the fuel that runs my body, not my life.

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