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David Oliak, MD

Dr. Oliak is an established, experienced, and proven Orange County bariatric surgeon with offices in Brea and Irvine.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Dr. Oliak’s mission is simple – achieve great patient outcomes by providing excellent surgery and patient care.

Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes

Outcomes are important, and they vary by surgeon. Dr. Oliak has an established record of excellent patient outcomes.

Orange County Weight Loss Surgery

Our Orange County weight loss surgery program has been helping patients to achieve their weight loss goals for >13 years, and we can help you too. We offer the most effective operations (e.g. gastric sleeve, gastric bypass), and have a long record of achieving better-than-average weight loss results, and lower-than-average complication rates. To learn more, schedule a no-obligation consultation in Brea or Irvine with Dr. Oliak today!

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The cost? Losing weight and gaining health is easier than you think.

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